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Express-style router for Fastly Compute

Don't waste time on boilerplate code

expressly is a lightweight and minimalist routing layer for JavaScript apps running on Fastly Compute.

Install expressly from npm:
npm i @fastly/expressly
yarn add @fastly/expressly

import { Router } from "@fastly/expressly";

const router = new Router();

router.use((req, res) => {
res.headers.set("x-powered-by", "expressly");

router.get("/", async (req, res) => {
return res.send("Hello world!");


Easy to use

expressly was designed for JavaScript developers and inspired by the popular framework, Express.

Focus on what matters

expressly lets you focus on your business logic, and makes it easier than ever to get started with Fastly Compute.

Open source

Available for free to make the web a better place! Your contributions are welcomed and appreciated.