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Getting started

Discover expressly in less than 5 minutes.

First, head over to to get started with JavaScript on Fastly Compute:

  1. Learn about Fastly Compute:
  2. Create your first JavaScript app:

Install expressly

Install expressly from the npm registry:

npm i @fastly/expressly
yarn add @fastly/expressly

Your first expressly app

Replace the contents of your Compute app's src/index.js with the following:

import { Router } from "@fastly/expressly";

const router = new Router();

router.get("/", async (req, res) => {
return res.send("Hello world!");


Try it out

Start your app locally:

fastly compute serve

This will start your service on http://localhost:7676.

Live reloading

You can use the Fastly CLI to automatically reload your app when you make a change in your local development environment.

fastly compute serve --watch