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What is middleware?

Middleware allows you to run code on a request before any routes are run. This is useful for things like authentication, header manipulation, and anything else that needs to happen before your routes are handled.


Middleware is attached by calling the router.use() method.

The example below shows how to use middleware to add a header to all requests:

router.use((req, res) => {
res.set("x-powered-by", "expressly");

🚨 Unlike Express, middleware accept only two arguments, req and res. expressly does away with the next function; all errors are caught and handled by error middleware.

If you only want middleware to run on specific routes, you can pass a path to the middleware:

router.use("/api/(.*)", (req, res) => {
console.log("Got a request to the API!");

expressly uses path-to-regexp to pattern-match routes. This means that your middleware mount paths can contain wildcards and even regular expressions.